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KST Comanche Bars- Challenger

KST Comanche Bars- Challenger

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-Add comfort and style to your Indian Challenger with our all new 1.5u201d diameter Comanche bagger

-These 1.5u201d diameter bars compliment the big body of the Challenger very well.

-Offered in a 14u201d rise which, depending on where they are mounted in the riser clamp, will put your hands 6u201d-10u201d above the stock position.

-Can be installed using the stock riser clamp, stock electrical harness, and stock brake and clutch.

-Specs: 14u201d rise, 35.5u201d tip to tip width, 7.5u201d pullback, and 1.5u201d diameter tube

-Available in polish and high gloss black


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