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Lloyd'z Garage St. Paul

V6 Flash for FTR (U.S. & Canada Only)

V6 Flash for FTR (U.S. & Canada Only)

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This product is only intended for North American FTR 1200. Please email Ryan at before ordering to see if this product-service is right for you.

We are INSANELY STOKED to announce our Lloydz Garage V6 bench flash for VMC8G0AAH2 software-equipped FTR 1200. If you are unsure as to what software your bike has... a good rule of thumb is that a cold idle speed of 1,550 RPM means that our V6 bench flash is right for you. 

V6 is the culmination of many tiresome hours of research and development. This is the pinnacle of our "SECRET SAUCE".

Benefits Include:
A customized map for your intake and exhaust combination
Improved peak power
Enhanced rev and speed limits
Improved throttle response
Reduced popping
Elimination of non-commanded throttle "blips"
Reduced exhaust gas temperatures
Smoother operation
Enhanced Lean Angle Sensitive control inputs
Enhanced ABS and Traction Control operation
1) After purchasing this tune you will be prompted to a form to fill out with information about your bike including Year, model, exhaust, air filter, full VIN #, and cams. You will need to fill out that form and put it into the box with the ECU to ship. 
2) You will need to SHARPIE on the actual ECU the following: Last name, Last 4 of VIN #
3) You will be in charge of shipping label TO AND FROM the dealership. Place return label in box with ECU. **WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE IF THERE IS NO RETURN LABEL IN THE BOX!** You will mail your ECU to:
Indian Motorcycle St. Paul
2967 Hudson Rd. Suite 1
St. Paul, Mn 55128

Shipping & Returns

Please call Matt at 651-228-7620 or email about returns.

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